iMovie 10.1.2 Update – New Features

This video explains and shows the new features found in the iMovie 10.1.2 update released in April 2016.

Also covered is a technique to get around the transition problem present in the new update. As well, the new project behavior and the relocated project theme selection menu is explained.

Full changelog from Apple about what’s new in iMovie Version 10.1.2:


• Easy to find New Project button in the Projects browser
• Larger project thumbnails that match the look of iMovie for iOS
• Fast project creation lets you begin editing with a single click
• Clicking a video clip selects the entire clip, instead of a range
• Keyboard shortcut to select range within a clip in the browser and timeline (hold down R key while dragging)
• Support for App Preview resolutions for iPad Pro (1600 x 1200) and Apple TV (1920 x 1080)
• Improves stability

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